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The Beauty of Imagination

The Beauty of Imagination As your toddler edges closer to 3 than 2, you can start to share more involved stories, but ones still available in the almost indestructible board book format. Three of my favorites for stretching the imagination include the classic Where the Wild Things Are at $8.99, or the creative exploits of…
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Around the World with Great Stories

Around the World with Great Stories As your preschooler’s world enlarges and they encounter new people and activities, be sure to branch out in your book choices too. This sections bounces around the globe for some classic stories to enlarge your child or grandchild’s world. The new experience of snow is well depicted in Ezra…
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More, More, More—I could not agree More!

More, More, More—I could not agree More! A book that is a newer classic in board format is More, More, More Said the Baby at $7.99. This book introduces preschoolers to three different cultures and multi-generational story sharing. Stories like these help start lots of wonderful conversations where you have a chance to teach about…
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