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Share a Book With Your Family

The Family Value of Reading. Reading as a Family Value….Research tells us over and over again that reading comprehension is the key to learning. It also tells us that one of the best ways to ensure a love of reading is starting early and modeling reading often. How is the best way for parents and…
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Read-aloud Titles for School Age Children

Read-aloud Titles for School Age Children - Please, please don’t make the mistake of stopping your read-aloud time at bedtime once your child or grandchild can read on their own. Bedtime reading should continue until the child is ready for you to hand them a chapter book to read to you and eventually on their…
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Magical Tales with Timeless Values

Magical Tales with Timeless Values I devote a whole section to two timeless books that I believe every family should own. They are both stories that can be understood on different levels, but are ones that I think every child should own and have wonderful memories of. The first is the story of the well-loved…
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Wheels are a Theme

I have chosen two favorites for my Wheels Theme. The first is a book based on the beloved Raffi children’s song, The Wheels on the Bus at $ $ 6.99 which incorporates a song, sounds and repetition for a title that your preschooler will quickly be able to ‘sing’ as you turn the pages. That’s…
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