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Vivid Books Covering Culpeper in the Civil War

One of the titles that best reflects the history of Culpeper County, Virginia during The War Between the States or Civil War, is Daniel Sutherland’s Seasons of War, subtitled The Ordeal of a Confederate Community. The book draws the reader into the heart of the Civil War as reflected by the Culpeper community, a community occupied by both Northern and Southern forces during four horrendous years of battle. Sutherland conducted exhaustive research and honors family famous people who had connections to Culpeper or passed through in the course of the war…Robert E. Lee, Walt Whitman, U. S. Grant, Clara Barton and Stonewall Jackson. Though out –of-print, The Corner Shelf has hardcover copies in stock;email for current pricing.

We Recommend the Work of Dr. James Robertson

The Corner Shelf also carries titles by nationally recognized historian, Dr. James I. “Bud” Robertson. Dr. Robertson’s books on Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee are considered by many to be the more well researched and well written titles on these two important men. Over the years, The Corner Shelf has been honored to have Dr. Robertson launch and sign copies of his books in their bricks and mortar store. They strongly suggest that if you want to learn more about Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, or Culpeper native son, A. P. Hill, you invest in copies of Dr. Robertson’s books for your library or for a well chosen gift for a lover of history.

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