Share a Book With Your Family

The Family Value of Reading.

Reading as a Family Value….Research tells us over and over again that reading comprehension is the key to learning. It also tells us that one of the best ways to ensure a love of reading is starting early and modeling reading often. How is the best way for parents and grandparents to start a child off right? According to Dr. Daniel Willingham, professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, it’s choosing to make Reading a family value and modeling it for your children. Let your children see you reading books and magazines and newspapers and show them that reading is meaningful. It’s not the number of books or pages, it’s the feeling of creating a warm and positive environment about reading. Hopefully most of you reading this blog piece can think back to a warm memory of a book being read to you by a parent or grandparent. Don’t you want to create those same memories for the special child in your life?

The Corner Shelf can help with this.

We can search for a book you remember from childhood or suggest a time-honored and age appropriate title for that special child. We can even create a customized ‘Book Club” where titles are sent on a regular basis to the special child in your life. Just give them the child’s age and interest, a frequency for shipment and a budget and We can do the rest.

Get in touch with us today to find out how to get specific books for your loved ones.

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