Wheels are a Theme

I have chosen two favorites for my Wheels Theme. The first is a book based on the beloved Raffi children’s song, The Wheels on the Bus at $ $ 6.99 which incorporates a song, sounds and repetition for a title that your preschooler will quickly be able to ‘sing’ as you turn the pages. That’s always a milestone day when your little ones ‘knows all the words’. And I have to put in a 5 star plug for one of my all-time favorites, The Little Engine that Could at $ 8.99 in an abridged format in board or the full story in hardcover, also at $ 8.99. This is one of those timeless books that means as much to the person reading as the preschooler in your lap. Teaching the concept of keeping at it in tough circumstances is one we all need to hear!

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