Read-aloud Titles for School Age Children

Read-aloud Titles for School Age Children -

Please, please don’t make the mistake of stopping your read-aloud time at bedtime once your child or grandchild can read on their own. Bedtime reading should continue until the child is ready for you to hand them a chapter book to read to you and eventually on their own. Don’t miss the chance of sharing classic stories like Charlotte’s Web paper at $ 7.99 or E. B. White’s other classic, Stuart Little paper at $6.99. I also highly recommend Pippi Longstocking in paper at $ 6.99 and for children who are ready for longer story times Allison and I enjoyed The Neverending Story in paper at $ 7.99. And my younger son would not forgive me if I didn’t put in a plug for his favorite read-aloud series, John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice. This multi-volume series is a great one to start with an 8 year old and I just bet after several volumes the youngster will be sneaking the books to read ahead and see what is happening! What better way to foster a love of reading that shared stories!

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