Graduating from Board Books

Graduating from Board Books

A Classic Library for 3’s, 4’s and 5 Year Olds

This section is classic books that I believe all preschoolers should have and enjoy before entering Kindergarten. Around Kindergarten, most children move from reading stories many times to just reading a book once, although many will get ‘hooked’ on a series and keep enjoying the same characters in new adventures. During that special time of wonder with your 3, 4 or 5 year old, I encourage you to continue to buy books that they can return to again and again.

Here are some timeless classics that I believe every child will enjoy.

I will give a shout out to three Dr. Seuss titles in this section but there are many more to choose from. Though ridiculed by many when his books were published, we know that Dr. Seuss proved to understand children and write just for them. Whether it’s Thing One and Thing Two in The Cat in the Hat hardcover at $ 8.99 or Sam in Green Eggs and Ham also at $ 8.99 or my favorite, Horton, in Horton Hatches the Egg hardcover at $ 15.00, Dr. Seuss brings us stories that will be cherished and read again and again. Sometimes stories can be meaningful at the preschool level and again as a child learns to read. One example of this is Arnold Lobel’s series including Frog and Toad Are Friends paperback at $3.99 which can be shared together in preschool days and used again as your child is beginning to read on their own. Having a basket of well- loved books will encourage an emerging reading to return to those stories so they can master them and read to you!

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