Children’s Book Memories

Share Your Favorite Memories with The Next Generation of Readers

The Corner Shelf offers a combination of new children’s titles, like the ones from Roger Priddy, as well at time-honored classics. Don’t you have wonderful memories of reading Goodnight Moon or finger poems like The Eensy Weensy Spider to your child or grandchild? The Corner Shelf many of these time-honored early children’s titles and can research and order hundreds of others. While the focus on in-stock titles is from birth to age 5, Faith can order any title for you. “There’s no better feeling that being able to place a lovingly remembered book into the hands of a grandparent or aunt who wants to share it with a new generation”, says Faith. Helping turn memories into special moments with good children’s books is a high priority for The Corner Shelf.

Timeless Classics Are More Relevant than Ever

Just call or complete the contact email with any book title you wish to find. Whether it’s in stock for immediate delivery or requires some research to order, The Corner Shelf wants to make every child’s early years full of warm memories of stories being shared.

Get in touch with us today to find out how to get specific books for your loved ones.

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