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Collection of Culpeper History

A Culpeper Story Capturing 2016 Media; Frank Stringfellow Over the years there have been many colorful characters in Culpeper history, but one who certainly is receiving renewed recognition is that of Frank Stringfellow. As the central focus of Riley Sheppard Brown’s now out-of-print book, Stringfellow of the Fourth, and a main character in both the…
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Civil War Virginia History Specialist

Vivid Books Covering Culpeper in the Civil War One of the titles that best reflects the history of Culpeper County, Virginia during The War Between the States or Civil War, is Daniel Sutherland’s Seasons of War, subtitled The Ordeal of a Confederate Community. The book draws the reader into the heart of the Civil War…
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First Books for Babies

First Books for Babies British author Roger Priddy has created books for babies as early as 3 months old. New research shows that young babies will start to focus on high contrast images during tummy time. I recommend Hello Baby: Flash Cards at $ 7.99 or Hello Baby: Faces or Animals at $ 4.99 each…
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Two R’s: Rhymes and Repetition

Two R’s: Rhymes and Repetition By 6 months, babies are ready for books with Rhymes or Repetition. Well tested on my grandson, or Pudgy Peek-a-Boo @ $ 3.99. Other great choices are Sandra Boynton titles including Moo, Baa, La La La at $ 5.99 and more recent favorites in the Llama Llama Hoppity Hop group…
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