About Us

About the Corner Shelf Bookstore


An independent bookseller, available to ‘handsell’ time tested quality books.

“My clients value the experience of reaching a specialist, and receiving quality recommendations. My father provided this experience in Culpeper before me. I love that I get to do this important work in our community -- placing great books in the hands of great people.” Faith Dickerson, The Corner Bookstore


Give a recurring gift to the special child in your life.

Even though Faith likes selling books face-to-face best, she is happy to chat with you by phone or online in order to start the research process of finding just the right book. Utilizing multiple databases and her years of bookselling experience, she can order and deliver or ship a single book or …..for that special child in your life…offer an ongoing customized gift service where age-appropriate books are delivered throughout the year.


Finding just the right book for a customer is like fitting all the pieces of a puzzle together

With almost 40 years in the independent book business, Faith has gathered wisdom about books, particularly in the areas of books for young children and history of the Culpeper and surrounding areas. These are the two targeted markets she wants to server these days. Always happy to order any book or research out-of-print availability, the children’s books and local history titles are in stock and ready of immediate delivery or shipment. “ Finding just the right book for a customer is like fitting all the pieces of a puzzle together” says Faith. She can take the pieces you know about the book you want and ‘piece’ together choices to find just the right book for a gift or for yourself.

Into The Clients Hands

Convenient delivery to Raven's Nest Coffee Shop

Orders are placed weekly for titles that customers special order, and in-stock titles can be delivered or shipped quickly. If you live in the Culpeper area, Faith offers free in-town delivery. If you live in the county or beyond, books are left at The Raven’s Nest Coffee Shop on Davis St. for pick up. While there, enjoy a cup of delicious coffee from Jessica and her talented staff. Shipment of books via the US Postal Service or UPS is also available and the shipping costs are reasonable—no inflated handling charges.

History of Corner Shelf Bookstore

Two pathways come together

In 1976, after working in banking for over 37 years, Gordon Dickerson had enjoyed a year of retirement but was ready for a new business project, Daughter, Faith, was graduating from high school and had long had a goal of owning her own small business. After a chat with the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce, they decided to open a bookstore in Culpeper, Virginia.  Known for his eye for detail, Gordon spent hours researching every detail needed to open store, named The Corner Shelf in August 1976.

Four locations over 32 years

In 1976, Gordon and Faith were excited to be tenants in the newly renovated A. P. Hill Building in downtown Culpeper.  However, renovation was slow and so they opened first in Broadview Plaza and moved to the A. P. Hill Building in early December 1976.  After 7 happy years in that space, and building a larger client base, they moved to South Gate Shopping Center where they continued to grow until the changing logistics for shoppers in Culpeper drew them to their North Point location in 2004.  

Recognized by Culpeper Chamber of Commerce

During their years in the historic A. P. Hill Building in downtown Culpeper, Gordon and Faith were active in the initial phases of the downtown renovation and Main Street Projects that now have made Culpeper’s downtown a nationally recognized Small Town area.  They were also recognized during this time by the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce as Small Business of the Year.

The Value of Independent Thinking

In their almost 40 years in business, Gordon and Faith have been active in the American Bookseller’s Association and the Southern Independent Bookseller’s Association. Both trade associations work to support independent thinking and marketing skills by independent booksellers. Gordon and Faith eagerly shared the vision of these groups in their store by making book choices to stock based on time honored wisdom, not kickbacks from publishers or sales pitches from paid telemarketers.

Community Focus

Throughout their years in business, Gordon and Faith actively sought to support the Culpeper community—both with gift certificates and books as prizes, but also with their time and talents shared with Culpeper non-profits and faith based organizations. They also brought well known authors and historians to Culpeper for well-attended book signings. The Corner Shelf has always been known as a stop where local community support was a high priority.

Time to Rethink our Strategy

In 2008 as the economy was dipping and shoppers were being lured for bottom dollar prices by big box stores and online giants, Gordon and Faith knew they wanted to keep selling books but overhead was becoming a financial drain. The difficult decision was made to close the bricks and mortar presence but NOT the business. Faith’s husband, Brian, remodeled the basement of Gordon’s home and the store moved to a home-based business doing special orders and local events. After grieving Gordon’s death in 2013, Faith has decided to honor him to bringing his legacy in the book business back to the Culpeper community and beyond in this website.