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Children’s Book Memories

Share Your Favorite Memories with The Next Generation of Readers The Corner Shelf offers a combination of new children’s titles, like the ones from Roger Priddy, as well at time-honored classics. Don’t you have wonderful memories of reading Goodnight Moon or finger poems like The Eensy Weensy Spider to your child or grandchild? The Corner…
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Sometimes We Wonder Why They Become Classics

If you sit in a room of mother and start the sentence, “ In the great green room….” , most moms will be able to finish the rest of Goodnight Moon in board book at $ 8.99, because they read it hundreds of times to their children. The same can be said of many of…
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Love in Many Different Ways

Sharing books in these formative months have been proven to help foster a life-long love of reading. You don’t need any science to prove the deep and abiding love you have for your child or grandchild. I recommend several classic titles that well illustrate Love in different ways and from different vantage points. Whether it’s…
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Around the World with Great Stories

Around the World with Great Stories As your preschooler’s world enlarges and they encounter new people and activities, be sure to branch out in your book choices too. This sections bounces around the globe for some classic stories to enlarge your child or grandchild’s world. The new experience of snow is well depicted in Ezra…
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