Gems from the Culpeper Historical Society

The Culpeper Historical Society published three books the provide an important base of information regarding the history of the county. For the Bicentennial in 1976, the group published Historic Culpeper, a paperback providing information about many of the homes in the town and county with historic significance. With black and white photos, a map, and short vignettes, you learn a great deal about the history of the county. It retails for $ 9.95.

Also about that time, the group, led by a wonderful lady, Miss Mary Stevens Jones, pulled together individual articles about the county in the 1700’s. Titled Culpeper: an 18 th Century Perspective, this hardcover volume has greater depth for that specific period and includes many lists of names, helpful to those working on genealogy. It retails for $18.

And the third volume, exhaustively researched and written by local historian, Eugene Scheel, is entitled Culpeper: A County’s History through 1920. This large hardcover volume is regarded as the single best source of information about the county. It has an excellent index for those searching for names or locations in the county. It retails for $40.00


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